Golden Buses - "Golden"-a bus company to never travel with in Georgia and Turkey.

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We bought bus tickets at the "Golden" company ticket office at the bus station in Batumi (Georgia).The head of the office told the lady at the ticket desk to "sell tickets for my friends", - that is their code to cheat you.

Our international passports information has been taken and they gave us very simple tickets saying that they have ran out of other blanks. The head of the office has taken us to the bus that stopped just at the street, not at the bus station, cause it was going all the road from Tbilisi (Georgia). In 1 hour just after crossing the border with Turkey, the driver, who spoke no word in English told us to go away cause our tickets were fake, though we could stay and enjoy sitting at the bus floor for 22 hours!!! all the way to Istanbul for extra fee!!!

We accepted sitting on the floor only cause of being extremely in a hurry for our flight back home but we managed not to pay anything.

Thank God, georgian guys appeared to be gentlemen and gave us, girls, their seats, though, that is too much of them...its 22 hours!!!My friends, never ever use the "Golden" company's buses!

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